A new app is aiming to 'clean up the cleaning industry', according to its founder.

Your Help Hub has been founded by Patrick Dinnall, and allows customers to find trusted cleaners in their area, whilst enabling cleaners to earn a higher wage for their work.

The app is currently being piloted in Loughborough, with plans to branch out in Leicestershire and Leicester before being available nationwide.

Your Help Hub ensures that customers get the best service for their money as well as ensuring they have safety and peace of mind by carefully vetting all contractors on the platform by using a seven stage process.

The app helps cleaners to earn a fairer wage

As well as benefitting customers, the vetting process also allows cleaners who score highly on the competency test to set their own hourly rate - allowing them to earn a higher wage.

The app sets a basic rate of £12 per hour, but those who achieve the highest competency scores can increase their rates to up to £15 or £16 an hour.

Explaining the benefits of the new platform, Patrick, who has been in the cleaning industry for 16 years, said: "The level of interest in the new system has been high so far, and anyone who uses our website to book a cleaning service will have the peace of mind of knowing that any cleaner they book has been fully vetted.

"The app gives you that extra reassurance that you are opening your doors to a trustworthy and professional individual.

Your Home Help also provides a home help service

"There's been cases of people preying on vulnerable people by coming into homes and robbing clients, so this new platform is hoping to tackle this unsettling situation by ensuring that the vetted cleaners can get more money and that cleaners will need to have a DBS and ID check before any work is offered to them. We're hoping to clean up the industry with our new measures.

"There's safety benefits for both customers and cleaners, as the app allows cleaners to sign in and out whenever they enter or leave a property.

"The new platform will definitely benefit families in the current climate by helping the cleaners who register to earn more. People can choose when and where they want to work, meaning that cleaners can pick up the hours that suit them and be paid a fair wage for their hard work."

Your Help Hub also offers a home help service, allowing people to find trusted domestic help from vetted individuals.

The platform has registered home helpers, who are all DBS and ID checked and can help with tasks such as cleaning, meal preparation and shopping.

The app can be downloaded after registering via the Your Help Hub website, where people can sign up to find a vetted cleaner, or apply for cleaning work.

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